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Snowshoe hikes at Mas de la Barque

From the village of bungalows, come by and discover the peaks of Mont Lozère.

4 snowshoe routes are signposted:

– 1 green circuit (BAYARD), , for a walk with the family, with children around the Mas: 2.6 km, 20 to 40 minutes, D+ (positive elevation) of 30 meters.

2 blue circuits (DISCOVERY and TAILLADES), discovered itineraries remaining in the forest and sheltered from the wind for a ride of 45 minutes to 1h30: 2.9 and 3.5 km with a D+ of 80 and 100 meters.

and 1 red circuit (CASSINI) ) for lovers of wide open spaces … passing by the ridge of “tête de boeuf”, the eagle’s pass, the eagle’s rock and the Cassini Peak. 9.7 km with a D+ of 300 meters. On the horizon: Mont Blanc, Mont Ventoux, Mount Canigou, the Mediterranean, the Tanargue massif, the Sancy will give you the pleasure of an unforgettable spectacle.

But be careful, Mont Lozère can also, in a few minutes, be covered with a thick fog accompanied by an icy wind worthy of the Far North.

For adventurers, Mont Lozère remains an exceptional playground; from the Cassini, join the “Chapeu de Gendarme”, the sources of the Tarn, the Pont du Tarn, the Croix de Fer, the summit of Finiels. These excursions are to be done in good weather, with a compass, a map and some notions of orientation (possibility to rent at the reception a GPS).

The possibility of going to Bellecoste, Pont du Tarn without going through the Nordic ski slopes. From the village of lodgings (Mas de la Barque), a trail runs along the forest track (black markers) without crossing the cross-country ski trails; after 1km5, the trail returns to the main track and you can continue your walk to Bellecoste and why not to Pont du Tarn.


Snowshoe itineraries

Itinerary of Bayard : 2,6 kms
Itinerary of Taillades : 2,9 kms
Discovery Itinerary : 3,5 kms
Itinerary of Pic de Cassini : 9,7 kms
Itinerary of Pont du Tarn : 12 kms (Back and forth)

Rental equipment - 2018 rates

Adults : 8,00 €

Children : 6,00 €

Weekly rates : 30,00 €

Adults : 6,00 €

Children : 6,00 €

Since 10 people and in one payment.

Adults : 2,00 €

Children : 2,00 €

Sled run and rental at Mas de la Barque

On the spot, in front of the hostel of the commander, a sledge stadium of 10 000 m2 is accessible free of charge. At the reception of the station you will find the rental of material.

Rental equipment - 2018 Rates

Sledges: 6,00 €

Sledges: 8,00 €

Sledges : 30,00 €

In case of accident, please contact the 112 and / or the first aid station +33 (0) 4 66 46 92 72


  • Rental of equipment: skis, toboggans, snowshoes …
  • A heated picnic room
  • An information point of the Cévennes National Park
  • A first aid station
  • A team of professionals: home, first aid tracker, groomer, mountain guides

Enjoy all our snow activities

To enjoy the holidays in the snow with your family, without necessarily skiing, Le Mas de la Barque offers a multitude of activities as varied as entertaining … Follow the guide!

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