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Lozere: a haven of peace preserved in Occitanie region.

Go to meet a department where Nature, peace and wildlife go together: Lozère. There are mountains, high plains and gorges everywhere. Its average altitude of one thousand meters is the highest in France. It is the only department whose population does not reach 100,000 inhabitants; making it the least populated department in France.
Since the dawn of history, this country has kept its identity, that the Revolution has not broken: the Gevaudan has changed its name sound for that of Lozère but its borders have remained almost unchanged.
Despite the extreme diversity of its landscapes, grassy or wooded ridges of Aubrac and Margeride to the grandiose nudity of the Causses and the jagged crests of the Cevennes, this part of Upper Languedoc (now associated with the Occitanie Region) has kept its ancestral ways of life, up to the great upheavals of our time.

Here, during summer as well as winter, all pleasures are at your fingertips:

Medium and low mountain, a variety of landscapes and exceptional activities: the destination of the Mas de la Barque is well prepared to play the score of the four seasons of mountain tourism in the Occitanie Region: spring, summer, autumn and winter. These mountains will offer you an extraordinary diversity of landscapes and pleasures.

The massif of Cevennes, Margeride and Aubrac, then, with its areas dedicated to the pleasures of skiing, ski touring and backpacking, in Lozère.
Winter sports so, but with the desire to preserve human-sized equipment and value authentic and remarkable landscapes and heritage. Nature is a fabulous setting with its forests of rubber, pine trees, panoramas on the Cevennes. A philosophy of life and well-being that is also declined with the thermalism, for which the destination Occitanie is at the top in France.

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