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Nordic walking is accessible to all and really good for the well-being and keeping your body in shape.
Effective use of the sticks will allow you to:

  • Straighten your body.
  • Walking with amplitude.
  • Tighten your entire body.
  • Breathe deeply with the position of your rib cage.

Session of 1,5 hour with specific stretches and a rhythm fitting your condition.

Valerie offers you discovery and development sessions for each level.
Valérie TAUPIN is graduate of the French Federation of Nordic Walking.
Rates: 5€ (including the sticks)
Duration: 1,5 hour (including warm-up, session and specific stretching)

Hald-day : Nordic walking sticks: 5€

Entire day: Nordic walking sticks: 7€


1/2 day

Nordic walking sticks rental

The day

Nordic walking sticks rental

More information and booking:

+33 4 66 46 92 72

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