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Horseback hikes from Mas de la Barque

Live the experience of a horseback ride with Olivier.

My passion for the horse has always brought me to experience different situations, approaches and techniques. The potential of the horse always amazes me if we know how to observe it and approach it. This openness and this ongoing and constantly renewed, improved, reinvented approach always pushes me to communicate and to teach people my experience and approach.

With the permanent will to share my knowledge, I know how to adapt situations to all audiences, from neophyte to confirmed rider.

I propose Horseback riding for all levels, with successful experiences for several years, where you will discover with ease the 3 paces in safety because the horses are well educated and they constitute a team of which I am the manager.

I am also addressing experienced riders who will discover a different horse riding with fluidity and lightness.

My specialty being equestrian acrobatics, I propose aerobatics sessions. It is an ideal discipline to gain confidence, balance, and develop one’s riding skills. It is also a way to dramatize an apprehension on horseback even for an adult audience. I set up workshops, aerobatic drums, preparation and physical warm-ups.

Through my profession of breaking young horses, I develop courses of equine behavior that can discover the 5 senses of the horse to better understand and therefore handle safely. These courses are intended for a very wide audience and allow people with apprehension or simply fear, to solve a frustration through adapted ground work.

Activities  (from the beginning of May until the end of october) :

1/2 day discovery (about 2 hours, all levels): 35 €

2 Departures: 9.30am – 1.30pm

  • Eagle Pass and Cassini Peak
  • Dantau of the Quartalade and source of the Homol
  • Wood of the Commander and the Mejarié
  • Rock of Peyralte

Discovery day (around 4 hours, all levels): 60  60€

Departure 9h30 – Return 15h30 / 16h00

  • Village of Bellecoste, Mas Camargue and Pont du Tarn
  • Gourdouse hamlets and Mejarié wood
  • Way to the end of the world and village of Bellecoste

Horse rides pass:  120 €

  • 4 strolls of 2 hours, valid from the date of purchase to the end of October 2018, it is not nominative.

Full moon hikes: 40 €

Equestrian hikes:

Hiking on Mont Lozère from Mas de la Barque

Rando over several days, thank you to consult us.

But also courses on equine behavior, introduction to animal traction …

Equestrian pensions:

For hikers with a donkey or passing riders.

We welcome donkeys and horses at night for equestrian hikers.

Donkey: 6 € / night (hay and grain included)
Horse: 10 € / night (hay included)
Box: 5 € (according to availability)
Grain: 3 € / serving

Olivier Barascud

Certificate in Horse riding – optional aerobatics

Equine educator, breaking young horses, reeducation of horses, leader, skidding forest, farrier, trimming.

My life is dedicated to horses …

From an early age I am inspired by the Indians practicing a freedom on horseback, different from that of cowboys and classical riding that I knew.

It is in this state of mind that my philosophy was inspired by the horses and that my work of education and unraveling was determined

It is through the men of horses that I met in my life that I became a horse man. Mr. Mondot, teacher at the St-Georges club of Nîmes, former master of Saumur. Daniel Jugnet training course in academic training in the Gers, rider and pedagogue allowed me to discover the high school. Jack Charendak, teach me Cossack acrobatics. Marc de Hénein allows me to develop the relationship with horses. Lionel Nouvelet, thanks to whom I spent the monitoring. Bernard Gordelo, physical trainer. Jean Michel Poisson, of the Black Frame of Saumur, option aerobatics in circle in Saumur. Pierre Blin, with whom I still collaborate, allowed me to work horses with difficult behavior in Compiègne.

I taught riding successfully in a first equestrian center in Uzès. I applied horseback riding, without horse bit, on all disciplines at Chagataï equestrian center in Lozere. I also taught circle acrobatics and Cossack acrobatics.


More information and Booking:

+33 4 66 46 92 72

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