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Electric push scooters rides !

Push scooter have long been used by children for fun but today they are no longer just toys.
Some years ago, they became a real social phenomenon in urban areas and they are used by adults everyday as a mean transport.

With the electric push scooter, you do not need to have to be an athlete or a driver to use it.

The suspensions will offer you a unique driving comfort. It will allow to put yourself in confidence when the wheels start turning.

Standing up on the e-push scooter you will feel very relaxing. You will notice a quick and easy handling that will allow to cross obstacles with ease.
These scooters are made for an extreme use, as well as intensive for the family or not.

Rental rates :

20€/1 hour

For people taller than 1,40m and with a weight below 90kgs.

Do not forget to book it at +33 4 66 46 92 72.

Trottinette électrique


The engine develops 1280W max with 48V.
The autonomy is around 30 kilometers with an indication of the last 10 kilometers.
It has larger inflatable wheels, which allows it to cross holes and bumps, or ride on trails with more comfort.

More information and booking:

+33 4 66 46 92 72

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