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Electric Mountain-bike ride on the highlands of Mont Lozère

Trails and mountain tracks will make you discover the highlands of Mont Lozère, in any kind of rides chosen, the resort welcomes you every day and offers is eMTB park:

  • 14 eMTB HAIBIKE   : Sizes XS, S, M, L et XL
  • NEW : 1 eMTB size 24 for child and teenagers (between 1,4m and 1,6m)

On site at your disposal: trolleys, helmets and repair kits.

The SDURO AllMtn bikes are equipped with the powerful and reliable Yamaha PW drivetrain which feels pure and natural while riding. These robust aluminum full suspension frames have 150 mm of travel and a well-balanced tour geometry, making these bikes capable of riding on a variety of terrain. The SDURO AllMtns are great all-arounders.

Although this eMTB is comfortable on al types of ground, it will show its best parts on the trail around the resort Mas de la Barque. Its double chainring combined with the Yamaha engine will make it your ideal companion to take on the steepest trails without difficulty. You will only have to master the power.


eMTB Rental prices:

  • Rent of one eMTB: 30€
  • From 5 eMTB: 25€ each
  • Rent of one eMTB: 40€
  • From 5 eMTB: 35€ each

Do not forget to book your equipment on +334 66 46 92 72

vae_giant Mas-de-la-Barque

The eMTB : electric Mountain Bike

An electric Mountain Bike? This is for the lazy butt that! We may think this but when we try it, it’s so much entertaining that we tend to love it really quickly…
Thanks to the central engine, the capacity of this eMTB is up to a level we cannot imagine.

We climb the mountains as fast as we go down… and nobody won’t say that downhill bike rides it’s not sport!

In fact, this bike offers you the opportunity to open yourself to the mountain bikes and allows to practice it in different ways. In one way it allows to open this sport to new participants and discover new horizons, either to people who often practice sport or simply having fun with friends riding these eMTB even if you are in a low-energy day.

Be careful, whether you are a man or a woman, it’s an addictive bike!

cartes_VTT Mas-de-la-Barque


  • Choose a trail that fits your level.
  • Have an adequate equipment.
  • Take information about the weather.
  • Avoid to leave alone, let your family/friends know your itinerary.
  • Take into account the markup.
  • Do no hesitate to turn back in case of problems or climatic change.

Enjoy all our activities

To enjoy your holidays, The Mas de la Barque offers you several activities as varied as they are entertaining… Follow the Guide !
carte autour du cassini Mas-de-la-Barque

Long routes made for eMTB:

A wonderful loop around the Cassini peak through the Finiels and the Eagle cottage (chalet de l’Aigle). Duration: from 2 to 4 hours – 250m of positive altitude change – Distance 30km – Long but easy circuit wichich main difficulty is between the Cros and Finiels peak.

210 m of positive altitude change – unmarked circuit – Plan to take a TOP25 map Mont Lozère 2739OT.
Possibility to go down to the Mont Lozère station to take a break or have lunch at the restaurant.
A roadbook will be provided on site.

Crossing the hamlets of Mont Lozère and descend to the Pont de Montvert

Circuit really fast and easy, Possibility to take a meal in the town of Pont de Monvert.
37 kms and 730 m of altitude change.
Plan to take a TOP25 map Mont Lozère 2739OT. A roadbook will be provided on site.

carte autour du cassini Mas-de-la-Barque

Others unmarked trails are also accessible to everyone: do not hesitate to ask information at the reception of the resort Mas de la Barque.

– Loop of “hameaux ou des GR” : Bellecoste – Pont du tarn – L’aubaret – La Vialasse – Pierre Froide – Gourdouse – Les Bouzèdes et retour par la Quartalade: durée 3h30 – positive altitude change of 150m – 25 kms – untagged circuit taking the 3 GR of Mont lozère (GR72, GR7 et GR68) carte TOP25 Mont Lozere 2739OT.

More information and booking:

+33 4 66 46 92 72

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