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Backcountry skiing at Mas de la Barque

Go on an adventure with the backcountry ski and make your mark off-road.

Backcountry ski allows you to explore the wilds of the medium-altitude mountains and plateaus while enjoying the pleasures of skiing.

Also, it allows you to immerse yourself in nature, combining the pleasure of skiing and discover new territories. Free of charge, it is practiced outside the tracks, off-road, where the snow brings you liberty of movements.

Ski_nordique Mas de la Barque
Ski_Nordique Mas de la Barque

Become one with nature! !

It is a sport that is respectful of the environment and it does not require any development. It is the ski to discover, walk, go everywhere and feel free in the middle of the Nature.

Take a breath of the Nature!

The hike is the original Nordic skiing, of which the current cross-country skiing is a specialization which appears with the deterioration of the tracks.

Backcountry skiing includes these different practices (Wikipedia source):

  • “Frontcountry: off-trail within ski area boundaries where ski lifts and emergency services are close at hand.
  • Slackcountry: terrain outside of the ski area boundary that is accessed from a lift without having to use skins or bootpack. Usually this also includes area with access back to the lift as well. For purists, this could also include where people use a car as a shuttle.
  • Sidecountry: terrain outside marked ski area boundaries yet accessible via ski lift. Typically, sidecountry requires the skier to hike, skin, or climb within ski area boundaries to reach or return from the sidecountry area, or both.
  • Backcountry: skiing in remote areas not within ski area boundaries.”

So let’s go for a marked route across the Mont-Lozère. After learning the basic techniques (steps and how to brake), you will live unforgeattable moments in natural areas with a lot of snow or a few, and lands with low or medium slopes.

Tarifs Location ski de randonnée nordique

Including rental of the shoes, sticks and poles :

  • 10 € for half day
  • 15 € for the day
  • 8 € for half-day
  • 10 € for the day
  • 4 € for hald-day
  • 5 €for the day
  • 2 € for half-day
  • 3 € for the day
  • 7 € for half-day
  • 12 € for the day

Do not forget to book at +33 4 66 46 92 72

6 good reasons to go to backcountry skiing !


It combines discovery and pleasure of skiing. It provides you wonderful sensations of gliding.

100% nature

It is practiced in non-artificial spaces and allows you to be in contact with mother nature, to discover the mountains and the winter landscapes of the Mont-Lozère.


It requires a medium physical engagement. It is accessible to all, even if you have basic ski skills.

Free of charge

There is no pass to pay to enjoy it. Access to the landscapes is free and it will stay like that.


Allows skiing together regardless of the level. Like hiking, we share with many sliding and immersion in the mountains. We go Nordic hiking as a couple, family, group or with friends.


It’s the essence of skiing, the ski of origins! A tool of displacement invented by the Nordic populations.


  • Rental of equipment: Skis, toboggans, snowshoes…
  • A dedicated heated room to picnic
  • Information center for the national park of Cévennes.
  • First aid station.
  • A team of professionnals is waiting for you at Mas de la Barque: welcome home, first aid tracker, groomer, mountain guides.

Enjoy all our snow activities.

To enjoy the holidays in the snow with all your family, without necessarily skiin, Le Mas de la Barque offers you a multitude of activities. Folloz the guide !

More information and booking:

+33 4 66 46 92 72

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