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Autumn in Lozère is marked by the picking of mushrooms, chestnuts, but also by the deer rut. With a mountain guide, follow the footsteps of the deer, this cervid so difficult to observe. Become a tracker for an evening, let yourself be guided by his imposing voice and contemplate the deer’s slab.

Every year during the Rut period, a Cévennes National Park warden introduce at the beginning of the reception the activity of the cervids, the particularities of the species, these peculiarities. It also raises awareness of the approach and observation of deer during the Rut period.


The deer’s slab escorted outings:

After being hunted for a long time, European deer had practically disappeared from our forest regions. The protection it has enjoyed in the Cévennes National Park has allowed its reappearance. Since each year from mid-September to mid-October, in the “Cévenoles” forests resound the rut of the great deer fighting over the supremacy of the species. We invite you to discover this magnificent show during the months of September and October.

In the late afternoon or very early in the morning you will leave in small groups with a guide in search of the big males listen to their rut or the noise of the woods of their fratricidal struggles. 2 to 3 hours of hiking will have opened your appetite and you will be ready to eat in a charming mountain inn and then discuss with your guide of these rare moments that you come to know.

RUT party

  • 49 € / person
  • 15 € / child (8-12 years) if accompanied by parents
  • Activity not accessible to children under 8 years old (except for constituted groups)

17h : Présentation du cerf et de son écologie dans la salle « hors sac ».
Balade à la recherche des indices de présence
20h : Repas au restaurant (Apéro, aligot, dessert, vin, café).
21h : Balade pour écouter le brame
Nb de km : 5 -6 km
Prévoir : vêtement chaud, lampe frontale, eau
Maximum : 12 personnes
Horaires : 17h – 22h30

Tarifs comprenant: l’accompagnement par un guide et le repas à l’auberge.
Réservation au 04 66 46 92 72

From mid-September during the night fallings, a hoarse and powerful cry resounds in the forests of Cévennes. This is the majestic deer’s slab.

Dates available : From September 15th to October 13th 2018

Deer: story of a protected animal

This is the most characteristic species of the deer family, which has unfortunately been hunted by humans since ancient times, although today hunting is no longer a means to survive. Always considered harmful by rangers because of the small shoots of saplings and bark they particularly like, the deer is currently protected by hunting regulations. Thanks to some associations, some endangered deer breeds are fully protected. However, some varieties are able to multiply and proliferate in some areas.

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